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Streamline-ENV© - Overview

Streamline-ENV© is a comprehensive software solution designed for environmental monitoring professionals.  Users worldwide praise the numerous features and credit the intuitive design for helping 'Streamline' their environmental monitoring project.

A brief overview, below, highlights the main features of Streamline-ENV.  The links on the left allow you to explore Streamline's features and benefits in detail.

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Data Management
Innovative tools for everyday tasks
  • IMPORT sensor data from common Tab- or comma-delimited, Microsoft Excel®, or even NERR CDMO SWMP files
  • EXPORT multiple files in one operation to various formats
  • MERGE data from different sensors and/or sites for direct analysis
  • ACCESS files efficiently using customized shortcuts
Data Quality & Analysis
Intuitive interface makes comprehensive analysis easy to assure data quality
  • FLAG outliers and invalid data quickly with QA/QC visual editor
  • VIEW data in multi-axes, stacked, overlay, Rose, and polar scatter chart formats
  • CUSTOMIZE your charts and create your own templates
  • CREATE statistics reports instantly and save in a variety of formats
Communication, Setup & Operation
Easily manage sonde setup, deployment & data acquisition, uploads and updates
  • COMPATIBLE with YSI's popular multiparameter sondes and 650 handhelds
  • SUPPORTS NMEA-compatible GPS devices
  • MANAGE, copy, restore, and share sonde configuration settings using templates
  • UPLOAD single or multiple files in one operation from sondes and handhelds
  • OPTIMIZE your sonde setup for best quality data using Streamline's Deployment Wizard
  • COLLECT sonde or GPS data in real time
  • UPDATE sonde and handlheld firmware
Intelligent Sensor Calibration
Streamline-ENV provides powerful new features to improve the calibration of YSI sondes:
  • ON_SCREEN step-by-step instructions, tips and guidelines tailored to each sensor
  • REAL-TIME chart displays calibration data to visually monitor stabilization
  • DOCUMENTS calibration and creates a Calibration Summary Report for you
  • COMPUTES pH slopes
  • DIAGNOSTIC calibration process provides warnings for calibration constants and pH slopes that are out of range
  • PERFORM NIST temperature verification test to confirm thermistor accuracy
  • PROCESS sonde GLP information to monitor probe condition
  • CUSTOMIZE your Calibration Summary Reports for your organization

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